Jonathan K. Nelson, a talented cartographer and scholar, created the world map that presents the graphic stage for MUTANT HUNTER. Nelson, who recently completed an extensive remapping of the Appalachian Trail for National Geographic, will be working on his PhD at Penn State University this fall while researching scale issues related to interactive mapping mediums.

The World of Mutant Hunter

In the twenty-third and twenty-fourth centuries, mankind’s destruction of the environment entered a grim new phase.

The continual obliteration of the ozone layer raised ammonia content in the atmosphere to the point that Earth’s magnetic dipole began to migrate. The entire globe shifted on its axis more than forty-five degrees. New polar areas, new land masses, new oceans and new violent weather patterns evolved.

Owing to the dirty and destructive nuclear wars of the twenty-fourth century, most of Asia was designated a Nuclear Dead Zone. The Pacific Ocean dried up like a blow-torched leaf. And South America was consumed by the Slicks — an uncharted no-man’s-land of crude oil and radioactive waste that covered a fifth of the planet like a cancerous, ugly birthmark.

It was a new world — The World of Mutant Hunter.

World Map Circa 2525