BBelieve it or not, THE SKIN BAGS will be available on Amazon soon. The manuscript is written, edited, and formatted for the Kindle platform. Whelan is finishing the cover. I apologize for it taking so long and fear I may have lost some readers as a result, but that’s just the goddamned way it goes. For those of you who haven’t given up on me, hang in there. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Coincident with publishing THE SKIN BAGS, I will be un-publishing LEGENDS OF THE FALLOUT. I’ll explain why one of these days. THE SLICKS will become the first book in the series. It contains more than enough background to command the lead position.

The MUTANT HUNTER order of battle will become:


I am currently writing GREY CITY. Originally I’d planned to make it two books — Part I and Part II — but have now decided to make it one long novel. I’ve written more than 500 pages so far and still have at least five chapters to go. NO BLOOD will follow and that will probably be it for the series.

And, I had planned to publish a first person novella describing Leon Miller’s incarceration and escape from Changabang prison — the place where the mutant hunter received the infamous tattoo on his arm. I set up the telling of this tale in THE SKIN BAGS. I drafted the story and then rewrote it. Then I rewrote it again. And again. It wasn’t working. Maybe it’s the first person perspective, I don’t know. I spent a lot of energy trying to sync the piece with the story in my head, but as Treadlow would say, “No Dice.” So, I’ve had enough. At this time, there will be no CHANGABANG. I’m concentrating on GREY CITY.

It was a tough winter. I’m glad it’s over.