No Blood is the leader of a strain of mutants called Hydrates, although Dehydrates might be a better descriptive term. He was tagged No Blood because he is significantly and unusually pale.

While the majority of all Hydrates have skin that resembles the stretched and dried hide from an animal that lives in a desert hole, toned in browns and reds like the sand and dirt terrain they normally inhabit, No Blood’s skin appears to have no pigment, no tone, no blood.

Once thought to be an outland myth, Hydrates have become recognized by the human population to be what they are: outlaws and murderers who are about as predictable as cornered snakes.

It was a shaky alliance Trills had forged with the Hydrate leader. Trills hated the leader of the Drates as much as he knew the mutant hated him. He was going to kill the freak as soon as he had served his purpose, and he was going to enjoy doing it. But the bounty hunter didn’t make the mistake of underestimating the mutant’s intelligence. When it came to hunting and killing other living things, Trills considered No Blood to be a peer. Almost.