This collection of eleven short stories provides a twisting, far flung journey through the American Experience like no other. These tales have been thrown from a speeding car careening on the knife edge of human control, forged on dark and dangerous highways, gleaned from narrow alleys littered with tragedy and heartbreak, and viewed as unsettling reflections in a spook house mirror. They are fraught with extraordinary adventure and even more extraordinary characters that define and document this crazy quilt life of ours in a language and dark humor inextricably woven with both the blessing and the curse of human consciousness.

CONFESSIONS OF A DOG ASSASSIN: STORIES FROM AN AMERICAN MIND captures the good and the bad, the longing and the loss, the pleasure and the shame, the noble and the low down… all of the elements that make us what we are, however measured or defined, however desperate or disquieting, however broken and sadly mortal.